What is offered by this website?

This website is designated for the sale of ladies essential wear produced & marketed by the lingerie brand “tinge”, exclusively. The brand and the website are designed to offer the following benefits to the buyer.

  • As we do not operate any physical store, we can always guarantee that our garments have not been kept on display or worn and trialed on by any other customer before it comes to you. Due to the intimate nature of the products, we have taken measures to ensure that the hygiene of the garments is ensured at each step in the process. i.e. from production to storage and to the end delivery.
  •  The sizes of our garments are in line with the international standards, thus if you know your size right, what you order online will always fit you. We have provided guidance throughout this page to pick the right size for you.
  • We have priced the products in a manner which makes buying from tinge is always profitable for you, even when you are charged for the delivery fee. The maximum delivery fee charged to you would be just Rs.100/- and the delivery fee will reduce when the purchase value is more, rewarding you for buying more from the same order. Please see the delivery charges below for more. (The actual cost of courier is more, however, the balance will be borne by tinge as the customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us)
  • The general benefits of buying online too, apply with tinge. Why waste time & effort in travelling to a store, searching for lingerie that fits you and travelling back home when you can pick the undergarment that suits you from the size that fits from us in a matter of a few minutes. After all, it’s just innerwear.

Are the products of “tinge” available anywhere else?

No. tinge doesn’t operate any physical store and the products of tinge are not available in any other store or a website.

How much do I have to pay for delivery?

The delivery charges are designed to reward you as you buy more, i.e. higher the purchase value, lesser the delivery charge. The delivery charges are given in the below table and will appear before you pay for each order as well.

Order Value

Delivery Charge

Rs.0/- to Rs.1500/-


More than Rs.1500/- to Rs.3000/-


More than Rs.3000/-

Free of Charge

How to know the right panty (brief) size to order?

Below table would serve as a guide for you to know which size panties would suit you.

 Your Waist in Inches

Your UK Size for Panties

The Ideal Size for You

















How to know the right bra size to order?

The bra sizes come in two dimensions, i.e. the band size and the cup size. 

Your band size is dependent on the width of your body right underneath your bust. (Marked as “A” in the image below). 

Cup size is the space required in the brassiere for your breasts to fit in. The width of your body across the fullest part of your breasts (Marked as “B” in the below image) will tell you the appropriate cup size.

The below table contains a map of the most suited bra sizes, depending on your band and cup measurement.

Are exchanges available?

Exchanges are available for brassieres, but not for briefs. Brassieres purchased from the website can be exchanged ONCE for free. However, please ensure that the labels & tags of the garment are not detached / damaged and that you inform us via email or a message on social media about your intention to exchange the garment within 7 days of the delivery. Garments of which the labels and tags are detached / damaged aren’t considered for an exchange and exchange requests received after 7 days from the delivery will also not be considered for exchange.

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